Tribe of Goat

Beer that complements food is a magical thing. This one was specifically designed as an accompaniment to goat cheese.


American stout
Red ale


Water, malt (pilsner, melanoiden, Caramunich, Carafa), rye, dried figs, hops, yeast (Brettanomyces, wild Saccharomyces, saison) and lactic acid bacteria.




Fall 2016 – ongoing


Stone fruit jams and jellies, dried fruits, caramelized sugars – these all go hand-in-hand with goat cheese. This beer is a tribute to those magical animals and the wonders that they produce.

Treated much like the traditional saison, only less hoppy and with a greater focus on malts. The malts include a few roasted and caramelized types, and an addition of dried figs reminds of a thick homemade marmalade. While still focusing on richness, Tribe of Goat is dry and tart, allowing for something to be enjoyed both in warmer and colder seasons.