My name is Aiden Robert Jönsson.

I was raised in Los Angeles, where I was born, and in Sweden, where half my family is from. I studied mechanical engineering and atmospheric physics, but fell in love with fermenting things and brewing along the way. Now it's all I want to do.

Photo thanks to  Brian A. Bernhard.

Photo thanks to Brian A. Bernhard.

At my first brewing job, a joke went around that I should "keep my bretty fingers off of the fermentors", referring to the wonderful wild life form that is Brettanomyces.

I have since become absolutely entranced by the astounding flavors that Brettanomyces produces that I find it hard to brew without it. Soon after becoming acquainted, I came to "Brett" absolutely everything that I brewed. Later, it was suggested by a good brewing friend that I take the name Bretty Fingers as my brewing name. And so, it is with pride and pleasure that I do so now. The title truly reflects how I wish to work hand-in-hand with our microbial friends.

The mission

I intend to bring to Sweden the magic of spontaneous and mixed-culture fermentation as well as showcase the natural wonders that this land has to offer – to ferment everything that I can get my hands on into wild, funky deliciousness given depth and complexity by way of biodiversity and the passage of time.

The future

My long-term goal is for Bretty Fingers to not simbly be a brewery, but a fermentation collective. I wish to involve others who are passionate about biodiversity, complexity, agriculture, and long-term projects. A goal for a few years' time will be to have a farm of its own, cultivating ingredients such as apples and herbs as well as delving into other fermentation projects like cheesemaking. Indeed, the Bretty Fingers farmstead will be a truly special place where the practice of permaculture will flourish alongside culinary experimentation and food & drink tradition.

It can be said that Bretty Fingers will be an exercise and experiment in culture, art, and social systems, not just brewing and cooking.

I hope to carry on what I've loved doing for years now: to help change the way we think of and experience everything that is brewed and fermented.