There may come a time when you want to compile all of your interests, passions, and thoughts into a singular work of love.


Farmhouse ale


Water, malt (Balder), spelt, rye, oats, hops (Styrian Goldings), yeast (Brettanomyces and wild Saccharomyces) and lactic acid bacteria.


5,6 %


11,25° P


Spring 2016 - ongoing


While I've written a thesis now, I'm brewing one as well. It's a compilation of the wild, funky flavors that I love attained by semi-spontaneous fermentation and an ever-developing house culture of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) endemic to my location, giving notes of overripe fruit and citrus, and classic continental hops give spice and grass. This, in combination with Swedish grains and a locally grown heirloom malt, gives us a truly indigenous farmhouse ale.

A bottle refermentation for carbonation also allows for continued, dynamic aging, as you may wish to put the beer away for a completely different experience in months or even years – the beer only becomes more complex, and the funk even deeper.