Brewing Költur



As of right now, Bretty Fingers does all of its work at Brewing Költur AB at Kjulsta Gård in Hölö, Stockholm county, Sweden – just outside of Järna. The location is a family farm and is the only true farmhouse brewery in Sweden. Only about an hour's drive from the mill which I source my grains from and amidst many producers of wonderful agricultural product, the location is absolutely idyllic. Bretty Fingers sprung from a friendship with the brewers of BK and uses the brewing equipment and locale for its brewing, barrel ageing, and bottling.

The Koelschip

The attic of the Brewing Költur brewhouse is home to my miniature koelschip used for open-air cooling of the freshly brewed wort and inoculation of native  yeast and bacteria, placed next to vents right by the farm's hop vines. Most of my beer will be cooled in this ancient manner, taking a page from the tradition of spontaneous fermentation done in the brewing of lambic in Pajottenland, Belgium. Coupled with oak barrels that provide a home to the wonderful microflora of the region and locally sourced ingredients, this gives me the ability to make truly indigenous beer. In the future, 100% spontaneous beers will be made at this location as well.